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At Proton, we never stop moving forward, with constant innovation and iteration to help distributors win by optimizing their sales operations. Find the latest and greatest product updates here—and check back soon. There’s always more to come.

February 23, 2023
Daily Summary Emails

Never miss a beat with Proton’s daily summary emails

New Feature
January 18, 2023
Lead Management

Stop letting new business opportunities slip through the cracks. Track each lead to grow your business and maximize sales.

New Feature
January 11, 2023
Product Initiatives

Phase out products, recommend higher-margin substitutes, and steer sales of add-on products and services.

New Feature
January 3, 2023
10x Faster Reporting

Reporting just got a major speed boost!

December 14, 2022
Tag Users in Call Notes

Collaborate with your team without having to track them down.

New Feature
October 12, 2022
Task Sync to Outlook

Easily integrate Proton tasks with your Outlook calendar

New Feature
April 26, 2022
Robust Filter in Activity Table

Find information you need in the Activity Table – fast

March 9, 2022
User Management

Take control of your team's access to Proton with our new and improved user management feature

New Feature
February 11, 2022
Custom Activities in Activity Feed

Get a complete picture of your customers with the ability to display custom activities in the Activity Feed.

New Feature
January 11, 2022
Quote Modal

Get ready for greater visibility and enhanced control over your quotes.

New Feature

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