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Benj Cohen is the Founder and CEO of Benj learned about distribution firsthand at Benco Dental, a family business started by his great-grandfather. He graduated from Harvard University with a degree in Applied Math. In 2023, Benj was recognized in Forbes 30 Under 30 – the first leader in distribution to receive such recognition.

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Through speeches, courses, and workshops, Benj challenges distributors to think big. By highlighting the benefits of cutting-edge technology like AI, Benj helps distributors innovate and modernize their processes to catapult revenue growth, reclaim market share, and succeed across all sales channels.

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What audiences say

“Benj’s contagious enthusiasm – paired with thought-provoking content — has inspired numerous billion-dollar distribution leaders to level up their sales strategies with AI.”
“Benj brings a unique and astounding vision of how advanced technology & AI fit practically in traditional wholesale distribution. He has much to impart to any audience of distribution execs and operators.”
“Benj has an acute awareness of distributors' challenges. His presentations about winning with artificial intelligence are thought-provoking and timely. Benj arms his audiences with actionable strategies for adapting to shifting B2B buyer expectations.”
“Benj added a ton of value to our SHIFT Conference with practical insights on AI. His unique ability to connect with the audience, deep industry knowledge and panel moderation helped attendees understand what can often be a complex and jargon-heavy topic.”

Most requested topics

Making AI Your Competitive Advantage

AI created the winners and losers in many B2C markets - fueling the rise of Amazon, Netflix, and Spotify. Learn what AI is, and why it matters for distributors. Take a deep dive into how Amazon, Netflix, Spotify drove their success with AI and specific lessons distributors can learn and apply to their business.

The Distributor’s Guide to Leveraging AI for Growth

According to a McKinsey survey, a whopping 79% of respondents agree that AI adoption in marketing and sales has helped to increase business revenue. Learn the basics of AI all the way up through adopting it within your business. Understand the different use cases for AI in B2B, the kind of sales outcomes distributors can expect, and how to successfully introduce it to your business.

Improving Your Customer Experience with AI

Learn how B2B buyers’ expectations have changed, and how distributors can adapt. Discover how leaders in distribution delight their buyers with personalized, omnichannel experience, and steps you can take to make superior experience your competitive advantage.

Distributors’ Field Guide to Fueling eCommerce Growth

Learn what buyers expect from distributors online. Discover the steps you can take today to offer the same experience online as you do across other sales channels.

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