Automate workflows

Simplify repetitive tasks with automated workflows. Proton integrates with thousands of apps to streamline your processes, allowing your team to focus on high-value activities.
Proton CRM easily integrating into marketing automation tools.
Tasks feature in Proton CRM.

Manage tasks in one place

Centralize tasks in one location. Proton integrates with your calendar, setting reminders so no task is overlooked.

Gamify the sales experience

Boost motivation with leaderboards and sales dashboards. Proton highlights individual achievements driving competitive spirit and team performance.
Example leaderboard feature in Proton CRM showing top sellers.

Even more ways to increase sales efficiency

Eliminate Busywork
Log conversations and customer interactions with just a few clicks.
Daily Summaries
Start your day with summaries of account updates and required actions in your inbox.
Generate Emails
Create emails with customer-specific product recommendations in seconds.

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