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And we’re on a mission to optimize distributors’ sales operations. So far, it seems to be working. Our CRM – purpose-built for distributors – is powerful, flexible, and scales to meet the needs of any distribution business. Even yours.

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Our story

My great grandfather started a dental supply company in 1930. Since then, my family’s been in distribution. Some of my earliest memories are of me tagging along on business trips with my Dad, just like he used to do with his.

In 2018, I realized the industry is at risk: distributors are struggling to keep up with technology. I wanted to see people – including my family – use technology, instead of getting squeezed out by it.

While studying data science at Harvard, I teamed up with a brilliant group of engineers and long-time distributors to build a product that would make selling easier for distributors. Since then, we’ve been making our mark on the distribution industry as Proton AI – an easy-to-use, AI-powered CRM for distributors.

Using customer feedback to shape our roadmap, we’ve built a platform distributors of all shapes and sizes use daily to catapult their revenue growth, reclaim market share, and succeed across all sales channels.

Thanks for reading, and for giving Proton a try. If you have any questions, you can contact me at benj.cohen@proton.ai – I’d love to hear from you.

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Founder & CEO

We’re driven by our values

Customers first

Our customers’ success is our north star. We dive deep into their challenges to offer solutions that go beyond what they expect, providing top-notch business solutions.

Think big, start small

We’re experimental innovators. We dream big – as big as revolutionizing an entire industry. But we try out our big ideas on a smaller scale, taking the smallest, simplest first step possible that lets us learn quickly. And we fail fast, acting with urgency and celebrating fast experiments even when they don’t work.

Own our results

Each of us owns this company, and we act like it. Each of us fully owns solving the problems we take on, and plowing through roadblocks to just get results. We do this by looking for positive solutions to problems, not making excuses.

Be open

We’re big believers in honesty and candor. We default to open and we bias towards proactive sharing, knowing that better decisions are made through collaboration.

One team

We’re all on this journey together. We put the team above our own self-interests, and focus on achieving great things together, rather than taking credit or pointing fingers. We support each others' development, knowing that helping each other benefits us all.

The numbers speak for themselves

12 weeks

the average time it takes for clients to be go-live ready


the average ROI Proton customers gain


the average sales growth clients see in just 1 year with Proton


higher user engagement 
vs. all-purpose CRMs

Our executive leadership

Benj Cohen, Founder & CEO at Proton
Benj Cohen

Founder and CEO

Andrew Creamer, COO at Proton
Andrew Creamer

Chief Operation Officer

Dasha Shakov

Head of Marketing

Jesse Filipi

Head of Product

Vlad Dobrovolskiy

Director of Engineering

Our investors

Battery Ventures
FELICIS Ventures
Abstract Ventures
J Ventures

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