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Join our team to help modernize the $6 trillion dollar distribution industry. 

The people at Proton

We spend a lot of time together, so it's important to us that our community is not just made of good engineers and good managers, but also good people. Our talented and diverse team is what makes Proton work. Here are the qualities we look for in our coworkers and candidates:


You take ownership of your own work, and thrive when given creative freedom. You like to experiment with new concepts, and would rather attempt a bold new idea than stick with the status quo.


You love helping teammates work towards the common goal. You know that no one has all the answers, and are comfortable supporting teammates who are outside of their domain and having them do the same for you. 


You see change as a good thing. You are comfortable in a company that is moving and growing quickly. You actively look forward to confronting problems that you didn't face yesterday.

The $6 trillion dollar question

Distributors power the world's economy. They sustain the supply chains that deliver nearly every physical product you come across. But distributors could be way more efficient. We believe that we can invigorate the $6 Trillion dollar distribution industry, and change the way the world moves around us.

This isn't an interesting problem just because of its scope. If you're a deeply curious person you'll thrive on the details of this problem. Distributors have thousands of products and customers, and many millions of orders annually. Right now, the data on these orders is largely unused, making it impossible for distributors to predict customer needs and make proactive changes. But where others see invoices, we see intellectual problems.

Every day, we work hard to transform data into real-world action. We're on the academic frontier of machine learning and artificial intelligence. We also use some of the newest methods in software development to deploy the results of those networks to customers.

Most importantly, if you think there's a better method to solve the problems we're solving, we'll listen, and we'll adapt. You can shape how we work, the product we build, and ultimately the world for the better.

Open Positions

We're actively hiring for the following positions!

Senior Product Manager

Boston, MA

Head of Key Accounts

Boston, MA

Data Integration Engineer

Boston, MA

We hire differently

At proton, we understand that application processes can be frustrating and time-consuming, so before you apply we want to let you know how we do hiring better. 


We won't look at your résumé or CV. Instead, we'll ask you questions relevant to the job you're applying for, which will be judged blindly and anonymously by three humans.

It doesn't matter what your name is or how tall you are, and you won't be rejected because some poorly designed recruiting software didn't find keywords in your profile. We review applicants weekly, and even if we decide you're not the right fit, you'll still get a detailed report summarizing your performance.

Our interview process is designed to focus on what matters. We won't ask you trick questions about the number of piano tuners in Dayton. We won't subject you to eight hours of back to back interviews with five different teams.

There is one interview that takes about an hour, and a short case study. That's it.

We want to find the best people, and we don't want to waste your time. If you're interested in building great things, we'd love you to fill out an application.

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While we are only hiring for the above positions, we're still confident that our organization will grow, and we'll need people like you to help us. When we are hiring again, we want to be able to get in touch with you.

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