Boost team accountability

Foster a culture of cooperation and transparency to align stakeholders from across the organization.
✓ View sales reps’ efforts to grow accounts
✓ Correct what’s wrong and replicate 
what’s right
✓ Bring everyone together, moving in the same direction with clear goals
Leaderboard feature from Proton CRM.
Proton CRM mobile app.

Centralize key information

Proton connects with your ERP, eCommerce, and other tools you use, to give reps a complete view of customers and products in the palm of their hand.
✓ Sales history, past interactions, and trends
✓ Customer-specific pricing
✓ Product details

Optimize sales focus

Your reps only have time to meet with a handful of customers per day. Proton uses AI to guide reps towards the most promising accounts based on spending trends and buying behavior.
✓ Make every visit count
✓ Grow sales faster
✓ Protect existing business
Account health feature example from Proton CRM.
Pipeline feature from Proton CRM.

Accelerate pipeline

Get a clear view of your sales pipeline. Stay informed, move opportunities faster, and close more business with Proton.
✓ Drill down on specific details of each opportunity
✓ Link opportunities to products and manufacturers
✓ View progress as customers engage

Promote cross-team collaboration

Make it easy for reps to collaborate across teams.
✓ Assign tasks across teams
✓ Share information within Proton
✓ Deliver a consistent customer experience
Call note feature example from Proton CRM.
Example email to customer about due to reorder in Proton CRM.

Grow e-commerce revenue

With an easy-to-use email integration, reps can pitch products to customers by email with embedded links to your ecommerce site.
✓ Generate tailored emails
✓ Drive traffic to your website
✓ Boost ecommerce sales

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✓ Find out what makes Proton the CRM choice for distributors
✓ Get advice on refining your sales strategy with insights from other successful distributors
✓ Get a platform overview to see how Proton can work for your specific business needs
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