Bring clarity to prospecting efforts

With Proton, your team can log leads, 
set follow-up reminders, and track how 
many prospects turn into customers. 
Easily merge prospects with customers 
to retain account history.
Followup reminder for a lead in Proton CRM.
Opportunity flow in Proton CRM.

Close opportunities faster

Manage and track opportunities in one place. Unlike other CRMs, Proton allows you to attach products to opportunities so you can see customers’ interactions with specific products over time.

Report on sales progress

Make data-driven decisions with Proton’s out-of-the-box reports for distributors. Track important metrics across your entire business and generate custom reports suited to your priorities.
Reporting graphs in Proton CRM.
Graph of products pitched in Proton CRM.

Optimize your team’s performance

Know what your team does every day. Use real-time data to drive accountability and coach your sales reps. Proton gamifies the experience, keeps goals in sharp focus, and helps run effective one-on-ones that drive results.

Measure progress

Proton will show you how your team is using the CRM and how much revenue you’ve generated from its AI-enabled suggestions. Track the adoption rate and effectiveness of Proton over time.
Graph showing attributed revenue in Proton CRM.

Even more ways to get visibility

Sales Insights
Dive deep into sales data by category and vendor.
Create custom campaigns to hit rebate targets and move overstock products.
Product Initiatives
Launch initiatives to transition customers to higher-margin substitutes and house brands.

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