The sales insights you need to sell more, smarter

Proton is the only AI-powered growth platform built for distributors. Get full visibility into customers and their needs so you never miss a sales opportunity again.

Distribution sales leader using Proton AI to sell more, faster
Leading distributors trust Proton to grow their business
The problem

You’re sitting on gold, but don’t have the tools to mine.

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Reactive selling

You’re leaving money on the table by responding to customers rather than selling proactively

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Siloed data

Your data gets lost between channels. You can’t identify your customers' needs

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Impersonal service

Your reps don’t know who to call or what to sell, resulting in guesswork and generic sales pitches


Break down barriers between channels to create a 360° view of each customer and make targeted sales pitches that convert.

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Sales AI

Know who to talk to and what to sell.

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CRM + Sales AI

A single screen to guide your reps.

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Ecommerce AI

Personalized recommendations to drive online growth.

“Proton is the best ROI of any tech investment we've made in the past 30 years.”
Mike Page, R.S. Hughes

Find sales opportunities across your entire business.

We collect and analyze your product, customer, and transaction data to create a complete view of each customer so you can sell with insight, efficiency and scale.


Spark conversations that drive revenue

Proton highlights who reps should call and what to sell them, eliminating guesswork and impersonal sales pitches. Our AI-powered dashboard finds wallet share gaps, at-risk accounts, and reorder opportunities. Whether you're starting up a new inside sales function or seeking to optimize an existing one, we've got you covered.

Distribution inside sales rep using Proton to have a meaningful customer call

Give reps strategic directions

The best roads lead to revenue. Proton ranks customer visits by revenue potential. Empower reps with access to customer and product info on the fly with Proton’s mobile app (available for iOS and Android).

Distribution outside sales rep using Proton's map feature

Steer your reps towards revenue growth

Improve efficiency and grow sales — without piling on more reps. Guide reps to sell smarter, not harder.

Distribution sales manager coaching a sales rep

Turn order takers to order makers

Empower reps with product info and suggestions. Proton auto-generates recommendations for substitutes, add-ons, and due-for-reorder items. Make each inbound request a revenue-generator.

Distribution customer service rep using Proton to upsell a customer

Grow your online store with personalized experiences

Quickly show customers what they need, and what they might have might have missed. Deliver a better experience with auto-generated product recommendations, including add-ons, substitutes, due-for-reorder items, and more.

Distribution customer shopping online with personalized, AI-generated recommendations generated by Proton

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Use data you have to unlock visibility you don’t

Proton integrates with all the places your data lives to turn it into actions for your sales teams.

Come for the software. Stay for the experience.

The world’s best (and friendliest) experts work at Proton. When you become a Proton customer, you get a team of dedicated specialists to help you create workflows, teach you best practices, and train your teams to get the most out of Proton. Adopting new technology doesn’t have to be hard.

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