Get complete visibility

Proton makes it easy for managers to see where things are going well and areas to improve.
✓ Use dashboards and reports to see your team’s performance, customer and vendor health, sales, pipeline, and more
✓ Understand the behaviors of your top-performing reps and replicate them across your entire team
✓ Track progress against sales goals and your team’s daily progress
Graph showing attributed revenue in Proton CRM.
Call activity graph in Proton CRM.

Boost team accountability

Foster a culture of cooperation and transparency to align stakeholders from across the organization.
✓ Monitor reps' efforts to grow accounts
✓ Correct what’s wrong and replicate 
what’s right
✓ Bring everyone together, moving in the same direction with clear goals

Shift from reactive to proactive sales

Old-school tactics like donut drop-offs don't cut it in today’s competitive market. Proton gives your team the tools and insights they need to take initiative and drive sales with confidence.
✓ Give your team the facts they need to focus clearly and work smarter
✓ Help reps talk about the right things, finding opportunities to expand wallet share
✓ Turn timely follow-ups into a regular way of working
Spotting spending gaps in Proton CRM.
AI features of Proton CRM.

Ramp new hires quickly

Have fully-trained employees ready to roll, faster than you would have thought possible.
✓ Fast-track your new hires' effectiveness with AI-driven guidance aligned with customer needs
✓ Help new reps pick up where others left off with full access to account histories and metrics
✓ Provide instant access to customer and product info so reps can contribute from day one

Take control of your customer information

Employee turnover shouldn’t create customer blindspots.
✓ Log each customer interaction automatically
✓ Retain customer info even if employees leave
✓ Enable seamless transitions between reps, without rebuilding relationships from scratch
Sales plays feature in Proton CRM.
Spotting spending gaps in Proton CRM.

Drive CRM adoption

Give reps an app they actually want to use.
✓ Simplify reps' work by automating tedious tasks and cutting out manual data entry
✓ Foster healthy competition with a leaderboard that highlights top performers
✓ Gamify sales efforts by showing reps the direct revenue impact of their actions

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a real person?

Teams of 50+ are eligible for a personalized walkthrough.
✓ Find out what makes Proton the CRM choice for distributors
✓ Get advice on refining your sales strategy with insights from other successful distributors
✓ Get a platform overview to see how Proton can work for your specific business needs
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