Give inside sales reps a home base

Create a one-stop-shop where reps can see customer interactions across all sales channels.
✓ Integrate with any ERP, eCommerce platform, and additional tools
✓ Present everything your reps need about customers and products on one intuitive screen
Proton CRM app showing example sales plays.
Leaderboard in Proton CRM showing example top performers.

Boost team accountability

Create a one-stop-shop where reps can see customer interactions across all sales channels.
✓ Monitor reps' efforts to grow accounts
✓ Correct what’s wrong and replicate 
what’s right
✓ Bring everyone together, moving in the same direction with clear goals

Point sales reps in 
the right direction

By analyzing years of data with AI, 
Proton recommends actionable steps to help reps engage customers and master the art of upselling.
✓ Identify priority accounts, close spending gaps, and follow up on opportunities
✓ Automate reminders for reorders 
and open quotes
✓ Recommend higher-margin substitutes 
and spot new category interests
Spending Gap example from Proton CRM with helmet and gloves products.
Frequently bought together and similar product recommendations from Proton CRM.

Enable responsive, informed service

Equip reps with access to detailed information. With Proton, inside sales teams can offer knowledgeable responses that enhance the customer experience.
✓ Inventory levels
✓ Customer-specific pricing
✓ Product specs, add-ons, and substitutes

Promote cross-team collaboration

Make it easy for reps to collaborate across teams.
✓ Assign tasks across teams
✓ Share information within Proton
✓ Deliver a consistent customer experience
Call note example from Proton CRM.
Example email for a due to reorder in Proton CRM.

Grow e-commerce revenue

With an easy-to-use email integration, reps can pitch products to customers by email with embedded links to your ecommerce site.
✓ Generate tailored emails
✓ Drive traffic to your website
✓ Boost ecommerce sales

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✓ Get advice on refining your sales strategy with insights from other successful distributors
✓ Get a platform overview to see how Proton can work for your specific business needs
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