Build a repeatable order-making process

Proton redefines the role of customer service, turning your team into a source of revenue. With our distributor-focused playbook, we guide you to not just meet, but exceed your sales goals.
✓ Transform service reps into sales drivers with a clear, actionable guide
✓ Equip reps to spot and seize sales opportunities in every interaction
✓ Exceed targets by making upselling and cross-selling a standard practice
Upsell recommendations in Proton CRM.
Sales plays feature in Proton CRM.

Give reps a 360° view 
of each customer

Proton connects with your ERP, eCommerce platform, and any other tools you use to give your team a complete view of each customer to increase satisfaction and grow sales.
✓ Help reps get up to speed quickly
✓ Personalize every customer interaction
✓ Get every detail – from past conversations to real-time inventory

Maximize every interaction

Turn each conversation into a chance to sell more, safeguard revenue, and make a lasting impression.
✓ Follow up on open quotes
✓ Remind customers to reorder products
✓ Switch customers to high-margin substitutes
Higher-margin substitute in Proton CRM.
Powerful search for accounts and products in Proton CRM.

Offer incredibly responsive service

Position your reps as product experts ready to meet customer needs.
✓ Expertly answer questions about a large product catalog
✓ Find an account’s history, interactions across teams, and contact details in seconds
✓ Quickly look up the status of any order 
or quote

Promote cross-team collaboration

Make it easy for reps to collaborate across teams.
✓ Assign tasks across teams
✓ Share information within Proton
✓ Deliver a consistent customer experience
Example call note feature in Proton CRM.
Example email to a customer about due to reorder products.

Grow e-commerce revenue

With an easy-to-use email integration, reps can pitch products to customers by email with embedded links to your ecommerce site.
✓ Generate tailored emails
✓ Drive traffic to your website
✓ Boost ecommerce sales

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✓ Find out what makes Proton the CRM choice for distributors
✓ Get advice on refining your sales strategy with insights from other successful distributors
✓ Get a platform overview to see how Proton can work for your specific business needs
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