Grow sales through up-sell and cross-sell

Proton uses your data to pinpoint products customers are most likely to buy so your team can make upsell and cross-sell recommendations that hit the mark. This approach outperforms generic marketing campaigns by providing relevant suggestions personalized to each customer.
Upsell feature example in Proton CRM and email to customer.
Opportunity flow in Proton CRM.

Close opportunities faster

Manage and track opportunities in one place. Unlike other CRMs, Proton allows you to attach products to opportunities so you can see customers’ interactions with specific products over time.

Know your next steps

Proton uses AI to identify gaps in customer spend, changes in buying behavior, quotes that need follow-ups, and more. Proactively prompt your team to take the best next step to grow accounts and support customer needs.
Proton CRM showing what next steps to take with a customer.
Abandon cart feature in Proton CRM prompting sales representative to text customer.

Turn browsing into buying

Proton shows what customers are viewing online and alerts your team about abandoned carts so your reps can follow up and win more business.

Convert more quotes to revenue

Proton tracks open quotes to give your team full visibility into unpurchased line items. Get follow-up reminders and upsell recommendations to maximize revenue on each quote.
Product recommendation for a quote in Proton CRM.

Even more ways to grow sales

Sales Insights
Dive deep into sales data by category and vendor.
Create custom campaigns to hit rebate targets and move overstock products.
Product Initiatives
Launch initiatives to transition customers to higher-margin substitutes and house brands.

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