Integrate with marketing automation tools

Connect with and send real-time information to any marketing automation tool you use.
✓ Set up marketing campaigns based on customer actions in Proton
✓ Sync real-time data with your marketing tools for up-to-date campaigns
✓ Automate follow-ups based on specific customer engagements or milestones
Proton CRM easily integrating into marketing automation tools.
Campaign features in Proton CRM.

Run effective campaigns

Get sales reps to pitch the products you want them to by loading in campaigns and getting them in front of every rep at once.
✓ Personalize campaigns with AI, ensuring reps suggest products from your campaign that each customer is most likely to buy
✓ Move products faster to clear out extra stock
✓ Switch customers to your house brand

Hit rebate targets

Hit rebate targets every time. Proton offers the visibility and control needed to steer sales of specific products.
✓ Set up targeted campaigns in the CRM, reaching all reps at once
✓ Track rep engagement with campaigns, adjusting strategies when necessary
✓ See if you're on track to hit rebate targets by filtering your sales pipeline by manufacturer
Call activity graph in Proton CRM.
Proton CRM's pipeline and filtering features for better supplier relationships.

Strengthen supplier relationships

Demonstrate your commitment to manufacturers by showcasing how you're promoting their products.
✓ Track pitch counts to show how often reps recommend their products
✓ Create detailed reports for vendors, highlighting sales efforts and outcomes
✓ Forecast future wins by filtering your pipeline by manufacturer

Grow ecommerce revenue via sales reps

With Proton, sales reps can create personalized emails with direct links to products on your e-commerce site, capitalizing on their rapport with customers for better open rates and increased sales.
✓ Generate personalized emails in seconds
✓ Drive traffic to your ecommerce site
✓ Grow ecommerce sales
Example email to a customer about due to reorder products.

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