May 8, 2024

Custom Activities in Activity Feed

New Feature

We are thrilled to announce a new feature that allows you to display custom customer data in the Activity Feed. With this feature, you can now access valuable insights from various data sources without the hassle of switching between screens. This feature gives Proton users a complete view of customer data from other systems, making it easier to make informed decisions about sales opportunities.Distributors can leverage this feature to gain valuable insights from various data sources. For example, service call data can be ingested and displayed on the Activity Feed, enabling sales reps to identify servicing upsell opportunities more efficiently. You can also view a customer's engagement with marketing emails, such as email opens and clicks. Additionally, you can see when a customer has registered for an event on your website, allowing sales reps to tailor their outreach accordingly.These are just a few examples of how this robust feature can be used to improve the sales process.

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