Grow online sales by 10% with hyper-personalized product recommendations

Show customers exactly what they need, and what they might have missed, while providing an Amazon-like experience online. Proton’s AI-generated recommendations are purpose-built for distributors and based on historical and real-time data from all your important sources.

eCommerce website personalized with Proton product recommendations generated by AI
“The results blew our expectations out of the water. I was thinking that maybe during the first quarter we’d be ramped up, but this increase was instantaneous and the entire process was painless.”
Nick Seefeld
Nick Seefeld, Hill & Markes

Whatever you sell, sell more

On average, Proton users see over a 10% uplift in eCommerce spend per customer. Show customers products they need right now so they can start building their cart right away.

Attributed revenue calculator directly in Proton eCommerce AI

Deliver an unforgettable experience

Proton automatically displays specific products tailored to your customers’ needs to create an unforgettable experience. Connect the dots across all channels to drive more revenue.

Website carousel suggesting products customers should buy

All the benefits, none of the work

Proton’s AI automatically identifies product relationships to surface similar and complementary items for online shoppers. Say goodbye to manually hard-cording product relationships across thousands of products. 

Graphic showcasing that product relationships are automatically identified in Proton
“The ROI on the e-commerce [integration] was immediate. We’ve seen well over seven figures in attributed revenue and hundreds of thousands of clicks for attribution to engage on [product] recommendations.
Mike Page, R.S. Hughes
Mike Page, R.S. Hughes

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