Steer your reps towards revenue growth.

Improve efficiency and grow sales — without hiring more reps. Guide your team to sell smarter, not harder.

Sales manager coaching rep to pitch more products
“Proton has been a game-changer for us, increasing our overall revenue and helping us sell smarter. With just a few clicks of the mouse, our sales team can identify and target the most promising accounts, and access all the information they need to close more deals.”
Amanda Mason, Purity Life
Amanda Mason, Purity Life

Unlock complete visibility to drive growth

Use sales team reporting to confidently answer questions about your team’s performance, customer and vendor health, revenue results, and more. Understand the behaviors of your top-performing reps and replicate them across your entire team. Correct what’s wrong and replicate what’s right.

Visibility for sales managers in Proton

Transform reactive reps into proactive sales superstars

Donut drop-offs aren’t a sales strategy. Put your team on the fastest path to success with guided Sales Plays. With a roadmap for how to spend their day, reps know exactly who to talk to and what to sell. Turn passive sellers into proactively superstars.

Actionable recommendation for distribution sales reps

Ramp new hires fast

Have fully-trained employees ready to roll, faster than you would have thought possible. Get reps up-to-speed quickly with AI-powered product suggestions tailored to customer needs and powerful search.

Robust product search in Proton

Influence what gets sold

Customize Proton’s product suggestions to align with your business priorities. Steer sales of certain products to clear out overstock, switch customers to your house brand, and push promotions to hit rebate targets.

Distributors can run product campaigns in Proton

Take control of your customer information

Employee turnover shouldn’t create customer blindspots. Proton automatically logs each customer interaction so you’ll permanently retain customer information even if employees leave.

Distribution customer surrounded by information about him

Strengthen vendor relationships

Show suppliers everything you're doing to sell their products. Filter your pipeline, build reports, and view pitch counts by vendor.

View of Proton's AI-powered CRM

Drive product adoption

Give reps an app they actually want to use. Proton’s features – like one-click call logging – are designed to eliminate manual data entry. With an average daily usage rate on par with Facebook, you’ll have no problem driving adoption and hitting your sales targets.

Sales pitch being logged in Proton
“Before Proton, our inside sales team had to use multiple tools. Proton removed a lot of friction and allowed them to track who they talked to, about what, and the follow-up steps.”
Mike Burns, Benco Dental

Proton works where you do

The average Proton customer goes live in 8-12 weeks.

Ready to make Proton your secret weapon?