Stop winnable opportunities from slipping through the cracks

Without Sales AI, your transactional data is just noise. Arm your commercial teams with insights to help them sell smarter. Whether by web, mobile, or API integration – Proton works where you do to engage the right customers with the right message – at every turn.

Woman happily selling with Proton Sales AI
Leading distributors trust Proton to grow their business
“Proton is the best ROI of any tech investment we've made in the past 30 years.”
Mike Page, R.S. Hughes

Prioritize the right accounts

Proton automatically sorts accounts by revenue potential and churn risk, so you can quickly see the accounts that need your attention most.

360 view of a customer in Proton Sales AI

Grow wallet share

Proton highlights categories where buyers are underspending and products they should be buying from you. Win more business from existing accounts.

Wallet share gap identified by Proton Sales AI

Protect existing revenue

Proton highlights accounts that are due to reorder specific products. Enable your sales team to take proactive steps and keep your customers fully stocked.

Reorder opportunity surfaced by Proton Sales AI

Find substitutes in seconds

Out of stock? No problem. Proton automatically finds suitable product alternatives when customers ask for products that are out of stock.

Product substitute identified by Proton Sales AI

Automate quote follow-ups

Proton keeps track of open quotes so nothing gets missed. See which quotes have been followed up on and when. Sell more products per quote with full visibility into yet-to-be-purchased line items.

Quote follow-up made easy with Proton AI

Proton works where you do

The average Proton customer goes live in 8-12 weeks

Proton APIs

Get API access

Connect Proton with your ERP or CRM. Proton offers robust APIs to give you the benefits of Sales AI within your existing tools.

Proton Sales Console

Get Proton’s sales console

Arm your reps with a dashboard to guide their every move.

Proton APIs

Use Proton as Your CRM

Arm your commercial teams with a single source of truth with built-in sales recommendations. Discover Proton CRM + Sales AI.

Why distributors love Sales AI

For inside sales

Prioritize who to call and what to sell. Equip reps with rich customer insights so they spend less time researching and more time selling.

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For outside sales

Your reps can only meet with a handful of customers per day. Arm them with everything they need for a productive day in the field.

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For customer service

Drive up your average order value. Turn order-takers into order-makers auto-generated up-sell recommendations.

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For sales management

Improve efficiency and grow sales — without piling on more reps. Guide reps to sell smarter, with an app they like to use.

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The numbers speak for themselves

8-12 weeks

The average time it takes for the average Proton customer to go live.


The average ROI Proton customers gain.


The average revenue uplift per rep distributors see with Proton.


Of users who log into Proton each month, use Proton every single day.


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