Boost your field sales team’s efficiency

Give reps everything they need to stay productive on the road in the palm of their hand.

Outside sales rep using the Proton mobile app to find sales opportunities
“In just two minutes in the car, sales reps can skim through the Proton app and see everything going on with the customer they're visiting. That knowledge drives meaningful customer engagement.”
Katy from Benco Dental
Katy Cohen, Benco Dental

Boost sales productivity

Turn order takers into order makers

Donut drop-offs aren’t a sales strategy. Proton’s AI auto-generates Sales Plays to inspire engaged conversations that drive revenue.

Proton's wallet share gap and due-to-reorder Sales Plays

Plan less, sell more

Every minute spent planning could be spent selling. Proton eliminates busywork by presenting a 360° view of each customer. See who customers have talked to, what they’ve bought, and what they’ve browsed online. Proton’s AI-generated Sales Plays tells reps exactly what customers need.

A distributor's customer surrounded by their purchase history and online browsing activity

Collaborate cross-functionally

It’s never been easier for your sales teams to collaborate. Easily assign tasks to anyone in your organization so they can take action and move deals along – all without leaving the Proton app.

Call note in the Proton app

Find sales opportunities on the move

Stop losing winnable business. Proton’s mobile map highlights customers and prospects with open quotes, opportunities, and low spending, located near your reps as they drive.

Proton's mobile app helps distribution sales reps find opportunities near them

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Delight your customers

Prioritize the right customers

Your reps only have time to meet with a handful of customers per day. With Proton’s AI-powered account prioritization, reps visit the most strategic accounts first to hit quota and reduce churn.

Proton ranking customers by revenue potential

Information at your fingertips

Find what you need on the go. With Proton’s robust search, reps can find contacts, customer information, products, and even sell sheets in seconds using Proton’s robust search.

Proton surfacing sell sheets for distributors
“I won an entirely new category of business from one of my customers because I referenced a product they had recently browsed online during one of my site visits.”
Outside Sales Rep,
Benco Dental

Proton works where you do

The average Proton customer goes live in 8-12 weeks.

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