Prioritize who
to call and
what to sell

Give your inside sales reps access to rich account insights on a single screen so they spend less time researching and more time selling, building pipeline, and hitting quota.

Proton for Distribution Inside Sales Teams
“Before Proton, our inside sales team had to use multiple tools. Proton removed a lot of friction and allowed them to track who they talked to, about what, and the follow-up steps.”
Mike Burns from Benco Dental
Mike Burns, Benco Dental

Ditch the “do you need anything” calls

On average, Proton customers generate 8% revenue uplift per rep.

Boost sales productivity

Get a 360° customer view

Proton integrates with all your tools to show reps everything they need to know about a customer on a single screen, including in-person interactions, online browsing, email, phone, and more.

Proton's 360 view of the customer

Upsell and cross-sell like a pro

Leave impersonal selling in the past. Proton analyzes years of transactional data to create tailored Sales Plays that actually convert to revenue.

Proton's due-to-reorder and wallet share sales plays

Grow e-commerce revenue

With an easy-to-use email integration, reps can pitch products to customers by email with embedded links to your ecommerce site.

Proton making it easy to email customers product recommendations

Ready to make Proton your secret weapon?

Delight your customers

Account prioritization

Proton gives you a daily call list organized by revenue potential, highlighting sales opportunities and churn risk. Engage the right customer with the right message at the right time.

Proton ranking customers by revenue potential

Information at your fingertips

Offer incredibly responsive service. Find contacts, customer information, products, and sell sheets in seconds using Proton’s robust search.

Proton makes finding product sell sheets a breeze

Proton works where you do

The average Proton customer goes live in 8-12 weeks.

Ready to make Proton your secret weapon?