Turn data you have
into actionable insights

Distributors get a bad rap for being technology laggards. But that’s not true. For decades, distributors have been forced to fit square pegs into round holes by implementing technology that wasn't designed for them. 

Meet Proton – the only sales productivity platform built for distributors, by distributors. Proton analyzes all of your data, then provides direction on the sales strategy that will drive the most revenue.


We collect all your data

We break down data silos by pulling all your sales, customer, and product data into our centralized cloud database. No stone goes unturned.

Proton AI plugs into distributors' important data sources before analyzing it
Proton analyzes distributors' data deeply with AI models purpose-built for distribution

We analyze it. Deeply.

Our award-winning, neural network AI analyzes millions of data points to surface unrivaled sales insights for your commercial teams. Our AI can accurately predict how, when, and what each customer will buy.


You grow your revenue

With complete visibility into customers and their needs, you’ll never miss a sales opportunity again. Your reps will have timely directions for targeting the right customers, with the right message, at the right time.

Proton identifies wallet share gaps and reorder opportunities for distributors

Proton works where you do

The average Proton customer goes live in 8-12 weeks.

Integrate Instantly

We do all the heavy lifting to get you up and running fast. With instant ERP integrations, we can ingest years of transactional data in under an hour.

Connect with any system

We'll connect with any system you have to collect as many insights as possible.

Come for the software, stay for the experience

A breeze to integrate

We do all the heavy lifting to get you up and running in 8-12 weeks.

Help from the world’s best (and friendliest) experts

When you become a Proton customer, you get a team of dedicated specialists to help you create workflows, teach you best practices, and train your teams to get the most out of Proton.

“The entire process was painless.”

Nick Seefeld, Hill & Markes
Nick Seefeld, E-commerce Manager
Hill and Markes

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