Get a 360-degree view of each customer

See a chronological feed of customer activities in one place. View your teams’ interactions with customers and keep track of past conversations, purchases, quotes, and more.
Activity feed feature in Proton.
Account health feature in Proton CRM.

Know which customers need your attention

Use Proton's health score to prioritize customer outreach. Know each customer's current status and needs. Act on disruptions in buying patterns before customers switch to competitors.

Collaborate across teams

Tag colleagues in call notes, assign each other tasks, and share information between teams. Delighting customers is a collective effort. Proton makes it easy to deliver a consistent customer experience.
Call note feature in Proton CRM.
Frequently bought together and similar product features in Proton CRM.

Make everyone a product catalog expert

Proton puts product information at your team's fingertips including photos, customer-specific pricing, substitutes, 
add-ons, and inventory.

Fulfill customer needs

Proton spots missing items in customer orders. With timely prompts, your team can get customers everything they need in one shipment, avoiding extra shipping costs for overlooked items.
Upsell recommendations in Proton CRM.

Even more ways to delight customers

Sales Insights
Dive deep into sales data by category and vendor.
Create custom campaigns to hit rebate targets and move overstock products.
Product Initiatives
Launch initiatives to transition customers to higher-margin substitutes and house brands.

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