Turn order takers into order makers

Empower your customer service team to drive up your average order value. Proton’s AI-generated recommendations turn your reps into expert upsellers. Turn your call center into a profit center.

Distribution customer service rep using Proton to upsell customers
“Proton allows reps to suggest more items, talk about them intelligently,
and establish customer relationships built on trust”.
Jarret Schwake, MCE
Jarret Schwake, Motion & Control Enterprises

Turn your call center into a profit center

Get a 360° customer view

Stop wasting time tracking down customer information. When reps know what’s happening with customers across all channels, they can deliver a consistent customer experience. With Proton, reps can see customers’ purchase history, online browsing activity, and interactions with other teams.

Get a 360 view of each customer with Proton

Drive upsell revenue

Grow revenue by giving reps real-time, strategic Sales Plays to turn each inbound request into an upsell opportunity.

Proton identifies wallet share gaps and reorder opportunities for distributors

Suggest product substitutes

Stop losing deals when products go out of stock. Proton automatically suggests substitute products so reps can help customers find what they need without turning to your competition. Zero manual effort.

Proton surfaces alternative product suggestions for out-of-stock and back-ordered products

Information at your fingertips

Offer incredibly responsive service. Quickly find products, contacts, customer information using powerful search functionality.

Proton finds distribution sell sheets in seconds

Drive eCommerce traffic

With an easy-to-use email integration, reps can pitch products to customers by email with embedded links to your ecommerce site.

Proton empowers distribution sales teams to grow digital revenue

Ready to make Proton your secret weapon?