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Proton Reveals Pronto, Distribution's First Conversational AI Chatbot Prototype

January 30, 2024

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Proton AI, the leading AI-powered CRM for distributors, is excited to announce its plans to develop Pronto, the first conversational AI assistant built for the distribution industry. Pronto is a chat interface powered by artificial intelligence within the Proton CRM application. This upcoming feature will give Proton CRM  users high-quality insights about their customers, sales, team performance, products, and prospects through a user-friendly chat interface, as if they’re speaking to a colleague.

Benj, the CEO of Proton AI, shares, "Our philosophy is that a CRM should deliver substantial value, far beyond basic data entry. Pronto embodies this by providing instant, in-depth insights - it’s like having an analyst at your fingertips. It's not just about accessing data; it's about leveraging CRM data to make smarter decisions and drive sales growth. With Pronto, you just chat as you would with a colleague, and get the insights you need in seconds. Our vision for Pronto is simple: to make data not just accessible, but easy to utilize in your everyday business decision-making process."

Whether a sales rep needs to know which customers are likely to purchase a promoted product, or a CEO requires quick insights on vendor performance, Pronto will deliver these answers instantly in an easily digestible format, be it text, charts, or graphs. Beyond data analysis and report generation, Proton will be equipped with internet connectivity enabling distributors to conduct research on existing customers and prospects. Proton will also streamline workflows and take care of repetitive tasks, like writing large amounts of customer emails and product explainers. 

Proton invites interested parties to join the waitlist to be among the first to know when Pronto becomes available. Once released, Pronto will be exclusively accessible to Proton CRM customers, enhancing their data interaction and business decision-making capabilities. To learn more about Pronto visit

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