Gordon Foods, need help driving organic growth through sales process automation?

Give inside sales reps access to rich account insights on a single screen to help them proactively reduce churn and uncover areas for wallet share growth.

Proton for Gordon Foods
“Because the recommendations are so timely and relevant, [Proton] feels more like a partner, and we’ve seen 20x the results that we did with the last [system] we were tinkering with.”
Erik Gershwind, MSC

Gordon Foods's Resource Hub

We’ve curated some resources to socialize and help your team see how Proton can help you get a competitive edge.

Hand-Picked Thought Leadership

Given the initiatives Gordon Foods is working on, here are some helpful resources to guide your strategy:

1. The Contemporary Guide to Distributors' Growth

2. Transform Your Distribution Sales Model: 3 Proven Tactics for Boosting Revenue and Improving Margins


Based on what we know about Gordon Foods, here are a few case studies you might find interesting:

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