BlackHawk Industrial, transform your customer service reps from order takers to order makers

Arm customer service reps with relevant customer information so they can pitch highly personalized recommendations to customers."You're due to re-order shrink film. Can I add that to your order?"

Proton for Gordon Foods
“Proton is the best ROI of any tech investment we've made in the past 30 years.”
- Mike Page, CMO & CTO of R.S. Hughes

Blackhawk Industrial's Resource Hub

We’ve curated some resources to socialize and help your team see how Proton can help you get a competitive edge.

Hand-Picked Thought Leadership

Given the initiatives Blackhawk Industrial is working on, here are some helpful resources to guide your strategy:

1. The Contemporary Guide to Distributors' Growth

2. Sales Challenges Industrial Distributors Face


Based on what we know about Blackhawk, here are a few case studies you might find interesting:

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