Break down data silos with the only AI-powered CRM purpose-built for distributors

All your data on a single screen for complete visibility into customer activity and team performance. Arm your teams with AI-generated insights so they can personalize every customer interaction.

Proton AI-Powered CRM for Distributors
Leading distributors trust Proton to grow their business

Get a 360° view of your accounts

Proton connects with all your systems of record to create a single-screen system of action on desktop and mobile. See everything you need to sell more and delight customers without juggling multiple screens.

Get a 360 view of each customer with Proton

Turn reactive reps into proactive sales champions

Proton’s AI-generated Sales Plays give your customer service and sales teams a roadmap for how to spend their day so you never miss a sales opportunity again. Guide reps to the right customer, with the right message, at the right time.

Proton identifies wallet share gaps and reorder opportunities for distributors

Built for distributors

Proton's CRM software is designed to minimize the complexity of selling a large product catalog. Help your commercial teams collaborate, manage customers, and sell, all on an intuitive, easy-to-use screen.

Proton’s features – like one-click call logging – are designed to eliminate manual data entry for distribution sales reps

Track your progress

Access deep, real-time insights to address risks and act on opportunities faster. Proton makes it easy to track team performance, customer and vendor health, as well as CRM adoption and usage.

Proton shows distribution sales managers exactly how their team is performing

Drive predictable revenue, wherever you are

Stay productive from anywhere. Proton is available as a desktop and mobile app so reps can access customer and product information, collaborate, and manage pipeline in the office or on-the-go.

Proton CRM + Sales AI for Desktop & Mobile

Manage opportunities in one place

Track and manage large-scale projects in one place. Unlike other CRMs, Proton allows you to attach all products linked to an opportunity and see how customers interact with those products over time. Keep your reps accountable and keep your projects moving forward without missing a beat.

Proton CRM opportunity management for distributors

Bring clarity to prospecting efforts

Struggling with visibility into your reps' prospecting efforts? With Proton, your team can log leads, set reminders, and generate reports. Unlock the visibility you need to hold reps accountable and coach them effectively. Plus, track lead activities for a clearer view of the customer conversion journey.

Proton CRM opportunity lead management for distributors

Automate quote follow-ups

Proton keeps track of open quotes so nothing gets missed. See which quotes have been followed up on and when. Sell more products per quote with full visibility into yet-to-be-purchased line items.

Quote follow-up made easy with Proton AI

Why Proton CRM?

Core CRM Functionality
Built for Distributors
Easy To Use
AI-Powered Sales Plays
Rich Product Data

Why distributors love CRM

For inside sales

Prioritize who to call and what to sell. Equip reps with rich customer insights so they spend less time researching and more time selling

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For outside sales

Your reps can only meet with a handful of customers per day. Arm them with everything they need for a productive day in the field.

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For customer service

Drive up your average order value. Turn order-takers into order-makers auto-generated up-sell recommendations.

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For sales management

Improve efficiency and grow sales — without piling on more reps. Guide reps to sell smarter, with an app they love to use.

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The numbers speak for themselves

8-12 weeks

The average time it takes for the average Proton customer to go live.


The average ROI Proton customers gain.


The average revenue uplift per rep distributors see with Proton.


Of users who log into Proton each month, use Proton every single day.

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